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When can I buy a Tamagotchi Connection?

Tamagotchi Connection

Bandai started selling Tamagotchi Plus and Tamagotchi Connexion in Asia and Europe before the official release in the United States. The release date for the U.S.A. was August 15, 2004 under the name Tamagotchi Connection. So the answer to the question of when can I buy a Tamagotchi Connections is you can buy a Tamagotchi NOW!

Are you as anxious and excited about these fun new virtual pets as the rest of us? Don't want to wait? Don't worry. You and your friends can get your own Tamagotchi Connections (or Tamagotchi Connexion or Tamagotchi Plus) now! However, there is one catch. There have been numerous periods in which supply of Tamagotchi Connections has been far short of demand. This means not all stores will have them or that they might sell out quickly.

Supplies of Tamagotchi Connections in the U.S.A. are currently pretty limited to local stores (you can read notes from many frustrated shoppers on forums talking about having to drive great distances or check multiple stores to find their Tamagotchi Connection pets). We recommend shopping online instead to save yourself from the hassle. An added bonus to online shopping... Some locations have lower prices for online purchases! We have compiled some useful links to help you out:


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