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Looking to buy a Tamagotchi Connexion? - I Want It Cheaper.com has the European Tamagotchi Connexion available for USA and Canada delivery. This is the most reliable and affordable dealer of Tamagotchi Connexions we have found for shipment to the United States. An added bonus is that they are a pleasure to deal with and very responsive to emails (please let us know if you don't have a positive experince so we can share this with others). You can find other retailers in the U.K. who have low prices but outrageously high international shipping fees... So be careful. Also make sure to double check the exchange rate for Pounds to Dollars! The current exchange rate for buying European goods with U.S. dollars makes things a little more expensive (Click here to check current rates). An alternative is to buy a Tamagotchi Connexion through an online auction. You can check out current Ebay prices and compare for yourself.


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