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What is the difference between
Tamagotchi Plus, Tamagotchi Connexion
and Tamagotchi Connection?

The main difference is where each of the Tamagotchi types were released. The Tamagotchi Plus is a Japanese product. Tamagotchi Connexion is a European product. Tamagotchi Connection is a North American product. There are also other small differences in some features of each. Bandai tried to tailor each unit for the three areas of release to better fit the pets with the culture and habits of each region. For example, the Tamagotchi Plus has some foods and items that the other two do not, the Tamagotchi Connection features a Pause function that the others do not and the Tamagotchi Connexion celebrates some holidays that the others do not. One exception to this general difference between all three Tamagotchi is the Tamagotchi Keitai.

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