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What are Tamagotchi Connections?

Tamagotchi Connection

What are they? Tamagotchi Connections (also Tamagotchi Connexions and Tamagotchi Plus) are a portable interactive virtual pet that needs "parenting" in order to grow and develop. Unlike the original Tamagotchi, Tamagotchi Connection, Connexion and Plus pets feature built-in infrared communications (called Tamacom). This allows Tamagotchi Connections pets to communicate with other Tamagotchi Connexions (or Tamagotchi Plus) pets nearby.

This new generation of Tamagotchi pets also feature other enhancements when compared with the original Tamagotchi from 1996. An improved screen display and circuits allows for smooth movement, sophisticated graphics, character movements, virtual pet life events and more!

That sounds great... But BORING!
What's the big fuss over the new Tamagotchi Connection pets?

Let's skip the boring "official" details and cut to the fun parts... Tamagotchi Connection, Tamagotchi Connexion and Tamagotchi Plus are virtual pets. You carry around your pet and care for it. Your Tamagotchi pet will interact and play with you as it learns and grows. One of the best new features of the updated Tamagotchi lets your Tamagotchi Connection (Tamagotchi Connexion or Tamagotchi Plus) pet talk to other Tamagotchi pets over a wireless connection. With this, your Tamagotchi pets and those of your friends can become friends, exchange gifts, play games, get married and even have babies! Imagine how fun that will be for both you and your Tamagotchi to be best friends with your best friends and their Tamagotchis! And... Did we mention how cute they are?

The original Tamagotchi pets were a huge hit because they were so fun to interact with and care for. With all this new stuff, the new Tamagotchi Connection pets should be even bigger! In fact, millions have already been sold worldwide... And the best is yet to come!


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